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Integrated Pest Management

As a professional landscaper, I understand the significant investment homeowners make in establishing and maintaining a beautiful, thriving landscape. When pests and diseases threaten the health of treasured trees, flower beds, turf and more, it can be incredibly frustrating and concerning. That's why I provide customized integrated pest management (IPM) services to identify issues early and implement the most effective, environmentally responsible treatment plans.

With over 30 years of experience, I stay up-to-date on the latest products, treatment methods and best practices for targeting common insects, diseases, and weed issues in South Florida. My IPM approach focuses on prevention first - promoting plant health through proper cultural practices so they better withstand and out-compete pests. When problems do arise, I evaluate all options from organic solutions to responsible pesticide use aimed at suppression and eradication.

I stand behind my work, monitoring for results and adapting plans as needed. I will help you safeguard your landscape investment while protecting pollinators, pets, people and the environment as much as possible. Contact me today to discuss your plant protection needs!

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