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As a professional with over 30 years of experience in landscape maintenance, I provide quality care and attention that helps homeowners keep their landscapes looking lush, healthy, and beautiful all year long. While some may choose to maintain their own yards, many seek out reliable experts who know the ins and outs of proper care and upkeep according to South Florida’s climate, soil needs, plant selections, and more.

With a customized approach, I carry out key maintenance tasks on a scheduled basis to promote ideal growing conditions, curb issues before they escalate, and enhance the aesthetics that trees, shrubs, flowering plants and grass contribute to your outdoor space. Maintenance services include mowing, edging, blowing, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, pest control and disease management plans tailored to target the needs of each unique landscape.

As the owner and operator, I oversee all work performed by my team and provide excellent communication every step of the way. I strive to build lasting relationships, taking genuine pride in helping homeowners love their landscapes. With my assistance, you can enjoy your yard instead of laboring over continual upkeep.

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$50.00 Per hour

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