Jon Storey

With over 30 years of experience in the landscape industry, I have cultivated extensive knowledge surrounding all aspects of professional maintenance and enhancement for residential properties. Beginning my career in the early 1990s working under established industry mentors prepared me to deliver elite-quality landscape services once I founded my own small business decades ago.

I continue expanding my expertise yearly through industry events, manufacturer training, certifications and staying active in local professional associations. I focus specifically on continually improving field techniques and material options best suited to South Florida’s unique climate challenges. This allows me to make educated recommendations while advising clients on which practices and plant varieties yield successful, vibrant landscapes that not only survive but truly thrive year after year.

My decades of experience translate directly into proven skill and insight. Homeowners trust me to get the job done right whether tasks involve fertilization know-how, sowing lush lawns, installing drainage systems, attaching vines to intricate pergolas or resolving plant-damaging fungus outbreaks organically. My specialized expertise makes even complex landscape visions a reality. Leverage my seasoned perspective for your property!

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