Landscaping Trends to Expect in 2024

Posted on February 14th, 2024

Outdoor living continues to be a top priority for homeowners nationwide. After spending more time than ever at home over the past few years, investing in beautiful and functional backyard spaces remains appealing. Landscape professionals expect several notable trends to gain traction in 2024 as homeowners aim to enhance their slices of outdoor paradise.

Sustainability Stays Relevant

Sustainable landscaping practices have become mainstream, not just a passing fad. Strategies that promote environmental health, conserve resources, prevent pollution and waste, and nurture the ecosystem will continue rising in popularity this year.

Specifically, demand is growing for native plants suited to the local climate and needs of native pollinators. Their deep root systems help prevent erosion while requiring less water than exotic varieties once established. Using organic techniques, amending soil properly, and retaining existing trees on site also follow sustainable ideals. Hardscape materials made from recycled content, as well as permeable pavers that allow stormwater to replenish groundwater, align with the movement too.

Embracing Low-Maintenance Designs

While many homeowners relish DIY landscaping projects, not everyone wants perpetual yard work every weekend. Professionals expect simplified designs and plant palettes to increase in 2024 from clients seeking easier upkeep long-term.

This may translate to fewer intricate annual beds, more “plant it and leave it” perennials, native grasses, groundcovers, andvarieties touted for being low-maintenance across industry resources. Hardscapeselements like composite decking and synthetic turf demand less effort than real wood and grass. Irrigation systems with smart controllers also self-adjust to weather conditions, taking guesswork out of watering schedules.

Backyard Havens Offer Peace and Purpose

Yards will progress beyond standard turf grass this year, morphing into true extensions of interior living space. Outdoors serves as a flexible venue accommodating household hobbies, work, play, dining, entertainment and relaxation. Segmented areas cater to each need.

For example, kissed-garden designs incorporate small-scale food production. Shaded lounging/chat areas allow bonding and promote wellness. Other popular additions include fire pits, built-in grilling stations, dining/bar setups, weatherproof outdoor cabinetry, and tech-friendly office nooks. Water features, pathway lighting, cozy seating and privacy plantings boost ambiance. The aim is purposeful, alluring spaces.

Bold Focal Points Bring Drama

While overall simplicity may be trending, statement features that provide flair, contrast and intrigue also continue gaining steam this year. Landscapers refer to these as focal points—visually captivating plants or structures anchoring the design.

Specimen trees, vibrant gardens, vertical/living walls, custom arbors, standout sculptures, and vivid container gardens are expected to spike in 2024. Modern water features may also steal the spotlight as an impressive focal element adding sound. Their form and location strategically draw the eye while reflecting overall style.

Dynamic Hardscaping Options

Hardscaping comprises the non-living features providing important bones supporting overall landscape design—think pathways, patios, fences/walls, arbors and other structural elements. As these frameworks become more detailed and tech-friendly, they directly expand a backyard’s functionality and flair.

Stacked stone, ornately patterned concrete/pavers, decorative posts, lighting components and electronic/automated accents lead 2024 trends. However, variety stone and paver shapes facilitating curves remain hot too. Blending materials (e.g. stone/brick combos) also gains momentum, allowing creativity. Expert planning ensures hardscapes not only shine, but also withstand weather and heavy use for years.

Embrace of Cooler Hues

While vibrant, tropical colors seemed to dominate recent landscaping trends, many expect less intense schemes to rise moving into 2024. Homeowners may increasingly request white flowers/foliage, silver or blue foliage, lighter exterior paint colors, and neutral earth-toned hardscapes.

The shift embraces lighter schemes with clean lines exuding modern, welcoming simplicity—perhaps echoing interior design leanings too. Yet injecting color through warmer accents still prevents overall dullness. Thoughtfully placed pops of reds, oranges and yellows spark energy when surrounded by lighter foundational layers. This well-balanced contrast creates broad appeal.

Immersive, Multi-Sensory Experiences

Truly customized backyard oases don’t just look exceptional. Designs increasingly engage all senses through sound, scent, taste opportunities beyond standard visual beauty.

Water features pair aquatic life with soothing babbling for multi-faceted appeal. Fruit trees/edibles allow harvesting dinner components just steps from the kitchen. Visually captivating plants like ornamental grasses sway gracefully while emitting pleasing scents. Strategically placed lighting casts dramatic nighttime ambiance. Even tactile elements like stone, water and contrasting foliage textures complete the experience.


As 2024 unfolds, purposeful and polished—yet practical—backyard spaces will prevail from savvy homeowners merging favorite interior trends with functional outdoor living goals. Anyone considering an upgrade should connect with a professional landscape designer well-versed in all the latest niche offerings. With a tailor-made concept addressing spatial challenges and constraints while reflecting personal style, it’s easier than ever to actualize the backyard of your dreams this year!

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